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Are there any competitor tools like Flash for creating SWF animations? My 8 year old son wants to learn 2D animation but I doubt his anticipated attention span warrants buying Flash.

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There's a short video tutorial on using InkScape and SWFTools to make an animation here:

Alternately, you could look into the (now discontinued) PowerBullet which has a PowerPoint-like interface.

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There's one great Flash tool, it allows you to make various Flash animations. So, for free swf making, check Vectorian Giotto.

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The following URL contains a rather comprehensive list of open source flash projects. Take a look, you might find what you need.

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It's not "free" as such, but there's a 30 day trial for Flash CS4 up on adobes site.

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For kids there's a software called ANIMATIONISH. It's not free, however. This was made by the guys who created ToonBoom studio (a pro software for 2d animation).

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