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I am using the MFC Feature pack in Visual Studio 2008. I have an edit box (CMFCRibbonEdit) in a ribbon that I would like only to contain uppercase letters. I know that I can pass ES_UPPERCASE to the "Create" method, however "Create" is called from the Ribbon itself, and not explicitly by my code.

To add the edit box to my ribbon, I call this:

CMFCRibbonPanel* pPanel = pCategoryViewer->AddPanel("Panel Title");
CMFCRibbonEdit *cEdit = new CMFCRibbonPanel( ID_MYEDITBOX, 60, "Edit Title" );
pPanel->Add( cEdit );

Based on what I read on MSDN I saw I could overload the "CreateEdit" function of CMFCRibbonEdit. I tried that, but it didn't work.

class UpperCaseRibbonEdit : public CMFCRibbonEdit
  UpperCaseRibbonEdit( UINT nID, int nWidth, LPCTSTR lpszLabel )
    :CMFCRibbonEdit( nID, nWidth, lpszLabel )

  CMFCRibbonRichEditCtrl* CreateEdit( CWnd* pWndParent, DWORD dwEditStyle )
    return CMFCRibbonEdit::CreateEdit( pWndParent, dwEditStyle | ES_UPPERCASE );

I also tried making this call after initializing my ribbon and its controls. This didn't work either.

HWND editHwnd = GetDlgItem( ID_MYEDITBOX )->GetSafeHwnd();
SetWindowLong(editHwnd, GWL_STYLE, (LONG)GetWindowLong(editHwnd, GWL_STYLE) | ES_UPPERCASE);

Does anyone know how I could accomplish this?

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The reason your solution doesn't work is because the control is actually a rich edit, which doesn't support ES_UPPERCASE - see msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb774367.aspx. –  ChrisN Sep 16 '10 at 21:06

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As I think you already know, CMFCRibbonEdit has inside a member variable CMFCRibbonRichEditCtrl* m_pWndEdit; which type that is descendant of CRichEditCtrl. So, as the page @Stanich's comment states ES_UPPERCASE is not supported for it.

I guess your best option is: in your derived class you do not forget to put ON_CONTROL_REFLECT(EN_CHANGE, OnChange) in the message map; and looking for the base class original code:

void CMFCRibbonRichEditCtrl::OnChange()
    CString strText;

    m_edit.m_strEdit = strText;

change strText in yours to be all caps letters after the GetWindowText line.

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