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I am constructing an extremely simple image rotator for use in Wordpress. It is comprised of a containing DIV and the "slides" (DIVs containing the images) that I want to rotate.

The problem I have is that there are multiple instances on the page. To get round this I have used the $gallery->id output to give me each gallery a specific container with an ID and slides which have a class specific to the gallery.

These are variables that I pass to the image rotator function.

My problem is this when I am dealing with the slides that I select thus $('.'+myvar), I have no problem - the animation works as expected. But, when I go to select the containing DIV and I use the selector $('#'+myvar2) I get no response. I have checked in Firebug and the ID of the div is what I expect it to be, console is not flagging any errors. If I do

var divindex = $('#'+myvar2).index();

I get the answer -1. this, I read in the jQuery doc means that no object exists with that ID. I do not understand as I am using the same notation as for the class selector, only substituting '#' for the '.'.

(a) What am I doing wrong? - I'm working using no conflict notation, this is simplified (b) What can I do as a work round?

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Please show some generated HTML markup and code. In theory, what you're doing should work fine, so I think the problem is likely in your implementation. – BBonifield Sep 16 '10 at 15:49
Make sure your IDs are unique. Failing that'#'+myvar2); and then make sure you can select by that ID in the firebug console. – meagar Sep 16 '10 at 15:51

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