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We're using Interface Builder for developing an app for the iPad and we can't figure out how to increase the height of the textfields.

When we were using IB to develop an application for osx, you could go to the textfields attributes and under the control section you could set line break to word wrap instead of clip.

When we try to use Interface Builder for iPad applications though, it doesn't have the option of changing linebreak style under attributes-->control.

Is there any way to set the height using Interface Builder or do you have to set that in the code?

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It looks like the height of the rounded-style text field is locked in Interface Builder. My solution was to use another of the UITextField styles in my XIB and then call textField.borderStyle = UITextBorderStyleRoundedRect in my viewDidLoad method.

Of course, textField should be the name of the UITextField IBOutlet.

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iOS UITextFields are single line only and have a fixed height.

If you want a multi-line, variable-height text entry field then use UITextView.

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there is a wrapping text field,that is what you need.

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set the frame of ui textfield object in view did load but it will involve coding

[self.searchText setFrame:CGRectMake(180, 450, 400, 250)];
//in my case the object was called search text...
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you can change the textfield height through xib i xcode 4.2...i did it –  amar Mar 17 '12 at 11:18

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