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I have a form that allows the user to add information an their leisure. They can add locations via jQuery in my form so when recieving the data I may have 1 location or 10. Each location has attributes like phone, address, etc. In my form the input names are appended with _1 , _2, etc to show its a new set of data. That is working swimmingly and I just can't seem to find these keys when looping through the $_POST array

private function array_pluck($arr,$text)
        foreach($arr as $key => $item)
            if(stripos($key,$text) != 0)
                $found[] = $item;
        return $found;

As I understand it if my array has some keys "office_branch_phone_1, office_branch_phone_2" I should be able to put in "office_branch" in my $text param and it will spit out any keys with the "office_branch" in the name. This isn't working however and I'm a bit stumped.

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First off make sure $_POST looks like what you expect it to be in the form submission by either print_r($_POST) or via a debugger. My first guess would be that your $arr isn't associative. –  Fanis Sep 16 '10 at 16:49
Can you do a var_dump($arr) and see the contents of the $_POST[] ? Also you should do stripos($key,$text) !== false. –  btrandom Sep 16 '10 at 16:52
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Since stripos will return the index (and it is a 0-based index returned) != 0 is incorrect.

if (stripos($key,$text) !== false)

Would be the correct way to check it. Give that a shot.


Note the use of !== instead of != since 0 tends to be considered false if loosely checked the !== will check the actual type, so 0 is a valid return. Just an extra tidbit of information

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Need more coffee, that did the trick! –  Collin Sep 16 '10 at 16:52
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