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I Have a user Control which Contains a ScrollPanel. And I want to bind the userControl's content property to the ScrollPanel.

So my xaml would look like:


and in my UserControl my ScrollPanel child is set to StackPanel.

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Any given Visual Element can only have one parent - so this wouldn't be possilbe. –  Goblin Sep 16 '10 at 17:09

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Do you mean ScrollViewer?

You have to remove the content from the user control (so the content no longer has a visual parent), then reassign the content to the scroll viewer.

In code:

var scrollViewer = new ScrollViewer();

var content = userControl.Content;
userControl.Content = null;     // removes content from visual tree
scrollViewer.Content = content;  // reassign content

If there's a way to do this via a binding, I haven't figured it out yet, though the situation where I'm having to do this is slightly different from yours.

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