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I am using a Windows Installer deployment project in VS 2010 to create an installer for a small demo project. The demo needs to install a SQL Compact database file (MyData.sdf). The demo can't install the database to the application folder on the user's machine--I get an "access denied" error if I do that. So, the logical place to install the database would seem to be a subfolder under the user's c:\ProgramData folder.

How do I specify the c:\ProgramData folder in the deployment project's File System Editor? I right-click the File System on Target Machine node and hover over Add Special Folder to see the fly-out list of special folders, but I don't see a special folder that looks like it corresponds to the c:\ProgramData folder.

Does one of the entries on the list correspond to the folder? Do I have to set it up as a custom folder? If I do, how would I set up the custom folder? Thanks for your help.

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I don't think it's available in the fly-out. You can create Custom Folder and set its DefaultLocation property to [CommonAppDataFolder].

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Also, this question I asked a while back may be of interest: stackoverflow.com/questions/215471/… –  spender Sep 16 '10 at 17:32

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