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alt text

This is the desired result Ineeded. I had populated State(RowGroup), Male(ColGroup), Year(ColGroup) and the data inside the matrix. To calculate the data count total(100), I used the feature AddTotal by right-clicking it. But in this report I have used expression to calculated individual Percentage.

Expr1: to calculate the percentage I used this expression:

=Fields!count.Value/Sum(Fields!count.Value, "Gender_Group")

I have no problem in populating this percentage(25%,25%).

The problem I am right now is calculating the total percentage. (50%). I couldn't see the AddTotal option in rdlc at the Total field row.

alt text

Hence I tried to add another expression at the red colored cell to find the sum


where textbox1 is the value in the Expr1.

But I get an error:

Aggregate functions can be used only on report items contained in page headers and footers.

My desired output is finding the total percentage. Any help would be appreciated.

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I just duplicated your report and the following code worked for the expression:

Sum(Fields!count.Value)/Sum(Fields!count.Value, "Gender_Group") 
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