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I have a TreeView I want to populate it from RIA Entity Queries. Is this possible

I have 4 Tiers.

Each Table has

ID    Description   ParentID
x1     pdq
x2     pdq
x3     pdq

y1     ABC           x1
y2     ABd           x1
y3     add           x2   
y4     ade           x3

I want the data to be able to have this format.

How do i go about this. and have it load to my tree view properly. Without going through and assign all of the data to its parent nodes through opject children type of scenario...

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You should look at the HierarchicalDataTemplate. See the links below for some examples:

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You don't have to go through and assign children if the entities are already related in the model. Simply retrieve the entities Include-ing all the children, and use a HierarchicalDataTemplate to display them. Entity Framework will take care of setting the correct children.

Alternatively, if the relationship between children and parents isn't defined by a foreign key, you can use a few simple linq queries or a helper class, but the actions behind will still be to walk the collection adding the children to the parents. I'll add a sample in a few hours when I get to work, if you're still interested.

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Awesome explaination, Thanks I assume the links to look at are the same as the ones in Obalix Explaination... –  Rico Sep 17 '10 at 15:57
For the method of binding to the controls, yes, exactly, HierarchicalDataTemplate is the way to go. –  Alex Paven Sep 17 '10 at 16:15

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