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I am working with someone's library . . . they have set $(SRCRoot) to the location the library was in on their computer. On my computer, it is in a different location. This is screwing everything up. How do I change it?

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You must define SRCRoot, not $(...), because the $(x) command returns the value stored in x.

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A search on the string SRCRoot in the source comes up empty. –  William Jockusch Sep 16 '10 at 20:14

SRCROOT, like any Xcode build variable, is set in the Build options in the Target settings. However, setting SRCROOT is not supported through the interface options (because you shouldn't set it manually in the first place), so it'll fall under "User-Defined" settings if someone set it manually. You'll want to select it and then delete it. Here's a picture to demonstrate: alt text

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SRCRoot is one of the default variables of Xcode

The best source is probably Apple's official documentation

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Adding a custom user setting (SRCROOT) will work only partially. If your project is under source control you may find that source files are marked red - i.e. Xcode cannot locate them.

Simply open up the project file into a text editor and replace all occurrences of the old source code folder name.

Works fine.

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