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I've installed Clojure 1.2.0 using Homebrew package management system on Mac OS X 10.6.4. Running:

$ clj -e '(println "русский язык\n")'

in the Terminal results in:

??????? ????

While running in the same terminal:

$ php -r 'echo "русский язык\n";'

displays the Cyrillic text correctly.

The same effect when running $ clj <some .clj file in UTF-8 encoding>

Is that a known issue? Java Runtime-related? I thought at this point languages finally get Unicode right.

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the default java file.endcoding on osx is Mac Roman, you need to -D set it to utf8

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Yep, adding -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 to java command line solved it. Thanks! –  Ivan Krechetov Sep 16 '10 at 20:11
Note that if you're using the bundled clj script, the easiest thing to do is add the -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 to the java commands in there. –  Mark Reed Oct 1 '13 at 23:27

Read http://groups.google.ru/group/clojure-russian/browse_thread/thread/56da274ad22a75df for clojure and russian language bugs and solutions.

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