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I'm inserting a value in table A, that has a serial type as primary key. I wanna use the returned value of the query as a foreign key of table B... but I get this message:

*ERROR: insert or update on table "tb_midia_pessoa" violates foreign key constraint "tb_midia_pessoa_id_pessoa_fkey" DETAIL: Key (id_pessoa)=(30) is not present in table "tb_pessoa". )*

How can I make this possible without: - starting a new Transaction - droping my foreign keys constraints =O ?

Regards! Pedro

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Can you be more clear how "Table A" and "Table B" correspond to "tb_midia_pessoa" and "tb_pessoa"? –  Matthew Wood Sep 16 '10 at 23:19

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You can make a deferrable FK, just use DEFERRABLE and maybe INITIALLY DEFERRED, that's up to you.


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