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I am currently trying to access a sonicwall VPN, inside of a .NET application. We have all the necessary credentials inside of our database, but I can't find a way to call the sonicwall inside a .NET application to start it. Does sonicwall have an api of any sort? Or does .NET have a way to access the sonicwall vpn? I have seen Remote Access Services but not sure if this library can access sonicwall vpns or just Windows VPNs.

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The answer was simpler then the process I was trying.

You can launch sonicwall vpn client from the command line, and since you can do that obviously you can launch it through .NET using Process.start("path to client", "arguments")

Check out http://www.sonicwall.com/downloads/Global_VPN_Client_21_AdminGuide.pdf on launching sonicwall from the command line.

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