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I want to import these two classes, both named Query - one a JDO class, the other a JPA class, to use in different methods in the same class.

import javax.jdo.Query;
import javax.persistence.Query;

Is there a way to globally import both of them at the same time at the top of the file?

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I'm afraid, no. But you don't have to import class to use it: just reference one of the classes by its full name, like

javax.jdo.Query query = getJDOQuery();

Then you can import another without name collisions.

BTW, sometimes if you start getting lots of such name such collisions in your class, it's a subtle hint for refactoring: splitting functionality of one big class between several small ones.

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The only purpose of an import statement is to establish a shorthand alias for a fully-qualified name. If you were allowed to imported both, you'd create an ambiguity that would require type inference to resolve, and make your code extremely difficult to read.

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@Ment - well, the Java language does not allow that, and it doesn't support the equivalent of typedef either. – Stephen C Sep 17 '10 at 0:02
Sure, that would be cool, but it doesn't work that way (yet). – erickson Sep 17 '10 at 3:26

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