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I have my own derived WPF DataVisualization chart control and within that control, I have a boolean property that the designer can set which in turn creates and adds a line series to that chart control.

Now the problem is that I can easily create the line series object within the chart when the designer sets that property, but I also need to insert a complex xaml segment into the .xaml file associated with that newly created line series. Is there a way to automatically insert that xaml code into the xaml file when that boolean property is set in the blend designer?



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By default, the only properties you can expose are individual attributes on existing elements. There is no provision to insert new elements based on attribute changes. You only add elements by inserting new controls etc.

Create an extension for Expression Blend:

To do what you want you would need to create a plugin for Expression Blend. If you are in a position to do that then anything is possible (add entirely new tools and properties for instance): Try this link for starters

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