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I am using Grails 1.3.4. Using grails WAR command, I build the war and deploy it to Tomcat 6.0.20. When tomcat is started, the war gets exploded and application works fine as required.

The questions, if I make any changes to say for example a .js file in the exploded war package , the change never gets reflected in the front end even after restarting tomcat. It is the same case for .gsp pages. So every time I have to build the war again (including my changes) and redeploy it again.

Is there anything I am missing or something I am doing wrong?

Cheers! jAY

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Is there a specific reason you need to test the changes in tomcat rather than in the built-in grails dev environment? What you're trying to solve is essentially what Grails' development environment is for. – Rob Hruska Sep 17 '10 at 13:16
Well, the reason I asked was because during a scenario, after the war had been deployed to war (I wanted to make changes to a GSP page to check for a value (just to check)). But as I said, the GSP did not refresh. So I thought I would ask the experts for the solution. Wanted to know how it could be achieved. :) – Jay Chandran Sep 24 '10 at 7:15
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This is slightly related to

For GSP at least you can set grails.gsp.enable.reload=true But if you it more often you will eventually get OutOfMemory exception. So be careful with that.

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Thanks for that. – Jay Chandran Sep 17 '10 at 12:49

are you deleting the war file before restarting the application server? If not tomcat will just explode it again and it will over write your changes

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Deleted the war. Made changes to .js file, refreshed page. Change is reflected! But changes to .gsp pages does not get reflected! I have also deleted the work and tmp folders, but no luck! – Jay Chandran Sep 17 '10 at 5:08

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