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Hi I'm trying to compile about 30 C sources written in 1997. Based on required header files such as XmAll.h and Xlib.h and the use of "Widget" syntax, I found that these sources depend on the Motif programming tool kits, so it seems they should be compiled in Linux or Unix system.

I have no any experience with X Windows Programming and Motif programing, but I must compile them. I really tried to compile them in Mac OSX or Windows, but of course it didn't work.

Do I have to install Linux as virtual OS first and install Open Motif in it to compile them? Could you give any other suggestion?

Thank you so much!


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Just to clarify - you need to compile them on Windows or Mac OSX? [your tags don't reflect this] – Eli Bendersky Sep 17 '10 at 5:24
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If you want to build it on Windows, you could try installing Cygwin - when you're selecting packages, you'll need all the build tools (like gcc, make...), X11 (eg. xorg-server), and lesstif (Open source Motif clone).

You will probably need to be prepared to massage the source a bit - I doubt it will work "out of the box".

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Thank you! I posted another question with detail information. – pnmn Sep 18 '10 at 19:24

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