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My question is almost stupid because I think I know the answer but I wanna be sure. Does it exist a mechanism to be able to put a tag at a specific location. I mean, I can set the coordinates X and Y of a tag. Maybe this specific tag should be placed in a special parent tag?

Do you know an another way to do this?

An example should be something like this :

    <div id="container" >
      <img src="..."  x="40" y="0" />
      <img src="..."  x=70" y ="10"/>

Many thanks for you attention,


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There isn't a concept of Cartesian coordinates in HTML... it's just a document tree. –  BoltClock Sep 17 '10 at 7:26
do you want to move a tag or an html element? –  lock Sep 17 '10 at 7:27
Can you give us an example code and explain what exactly you want to achieve? Place what where in relation to what? –  Martin Sep 17 '10 at 7:27
Are you really talking about the html source, or are you looking at the rendered page (in that case, css might help ;-) )? –  Olaf Sep 17 '10 at 7:28

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Well, if you want an element to be placed at a specific location on the page, you can give it position: absolute in CSS, together with it's position relative to the last parent element that has a position value of relative or absolute.

For instance, with this HTML

<div id="square"></div>

Can be placed 100px off the top and left of the page with this CSS

#square {
  width: 100px;
  height: 100px;
  position: absolute;
  top: 100px;
  left: 100px;

Given your example, no, not entirely. You can use the style attribute for the same effect though:

<div id="square" style="top: 100px; left: 100px;"></div>

Assuming #square has position: absolute applied to it from a stylesheet already. It's best however if you incorporated this into a stylesheet, since content and presentation should be separate.

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Thanks. It's what I wanted... –  user376112 Sep 17 '10 at 7:45

You can do absolute positioning via CSS. See http://css-discuss.incutio.com/wiki/Absolute_Layouts

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