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I am trying to use uploadify with coldfusion, the problem i am having is with my response. My upload2.cfm file is simply hello. So I should in theory just get 'hello' in my #newsImageHolder div. What I do get is the whole html of the current page.

Thanks for any help.



 $(document).ready(function() { 

  'uploader':  '../uploadify/uploadify.swf', 
  'script':    'upload2.cfm', 
  'wmode': 'transparent',
  'auto': 'true',
  'width': '100',
  'folder':    '/', 
  'cancelImg': 'cancel.png',
  'onComplete' :
      function(event, queueID, fileObj, response, data) {




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Is 'script': 'upload2.cfm', definitely pointing to the right script?

Is there any chance it should be 'script': '/upload2.cfm',?

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should this script be relative to the uploadify swf or the index page? –  Roscoeh Sep 17 '10 at 9:06

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