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I have two sqlite connections and execute like below(CMyDatabase is a derived class of sqlite3):

CMyDatabase* dbConnection1 = new CMyDatabase;
dbConnection1->OpenDataBase(CQCommon::GetModulePath() + L"test.db");

CMyDatabase* dbConnection2 = new CMyDatabase;
dbConnection2->OpenDataBase(CQCommon::GetModulePath() + L"test.db");

CString updateStr("update ImageAlbumEntry set ImageID = 2 where ID = 1;");
CString queryStr("select ImageID from ImageAlbumEntry where ID = 1;");
CppSQLite3Query queryResult;
dbConnection2->ExecQuery(queryStr, queryResult);


Now when I invoke dbConnection1->CloseDataBase(). I met with the error stated as 'Unable to close due to unfinalised statements'. Can anyone explain the reason and resolve method of the problem? Thank you!

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Please reformat your question with your commands in a code block to improve readability – Noah Jan 30 '09 at 6:29

Depends on which wrapper you are using. I'm guessing you are using one similar to cppSQLite3

If that is true, then you need to issue a CppSQLite3Query::finalize command to to tell sqlite3 that you are done with your query.

From the sqlite3 documentation here

This routine destroys a prepared statement created by a prior call to sqlite3_prepare(). Every prepared statement must be destroyed using a call to this routine in order to avoid memory leaks.

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