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I have an user control with a listview and a DataPager that work as expected if it's loaded statically from an aspx page the usua way.

<%@ Register Src="~/Controls/TricksSummaryOneSubTypeUC.ascx" TagName="sub" TagPrefix="uc1" %>
<uc1:sub ID="skdlj" runat="server" TypeId="7" SubTypeId="706" />

But If load it dynamically in a PlaceHolde I lost the DataPager functionallity. On selecting a new page it refresh but without items. When debuging it seems not to be firing events.

TricksSummaryOneUC pageControl = (TricksSummaryOneUC)LoadControl("~/Controls/TricksSummaryOneSubTypeUC.ascx");
pageControl.TypeId = 7;
pageControl.SubTypeId = subcategory;

The DataList is using and ObjectContainerDataSource as data source.

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At what point of the control lifecycle (on what event) do you add this pager to your control? – Joachim VR Sep 17 '10 at 10:26
The control is loaded during the onLoad – guillem Sep 17 '10 at 17:30

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