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I am developing an iPad application in which I need to share a Youtube video link to Facebook. I am using FBStreamDialog for image sharing as follows: But, I do not know how to share the video (I wanted to know about the parameters like media type, src, href etc)

FBStreamDialog* dialog = [[[FBStreamDialog alloc] init] autorelease];
dialog.delegate = self;
dialog.targetId = <facebookUserId?;
dialog.userMessagePrompt = @"What's in your mind?";
dialog.attachment = @"{\"name\":\"Sample Photo\","
                         "\"caption\":\"MyAppName\",\"description\":\"Testing share\","
                        "\"properties\":{\"another link\":{\"text\":\"Facebook home page\",\"href\":\"\"}}}"

[dialog show];  

Could someone help me? Thanks and Regards, Deepa

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I have explained here all the Facebook Meta tags which are used for sharing. You can have a look at this post, it may be useful.

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