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I have a ScrollView (and a LinearLayout within it) set as main content. When the user scrolls the view further down, and then if I replace it's child (LinearLayout) with another LinearLayout, the view remains in the scrolled positioned.

How do I reset the ScrollView back to coordinate 0?

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Its all in the documentation... search for fullScroll(int)

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Why not just use scrollTo(0, 0);?


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I noticed that scrollTo(0,0) works better. smoothScrollTo and fullScroll sometimes just don't really go to the top. I don't know why. I think it has something to do with the scrolling animation. scrollTo just 'jumps' to the top and that is exactly what I needed. Thanks! – Boy Oct 8 '12 at 16:14
@Boy thank you sir – meow meo Feb 25 '15 at 8:13

If u want to clear the scrollview u can use removeAllViews();

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yourScrollView.scrollTo(0,0) will do the job just fine.

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