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I've built a RESTful web service (I'm using asp.net 4, MVC 2) and I want to expose a WADL. Are there any tools built in or otherwise that I can use to build it? I'm not looking (yet) to generate classes to consume it I'm looking strictly for something that can generate the WADL file itself.


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Looks like REST Describe & Compile should do the trick.

On the WADL developer site Marc Hadley maintains a command line tool named WADL2Java. The ambitious goal of REST Describe & Compile is to provide sort of WADL2Anything. So what REST Describe & Compile does is that it:

  • Generates new WADL files in a completely interactive way.
  • Lets you upload and edit existing WADL files.
  • Allows you to compile WADL files to source code in various programming languages.
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That site of REST Describe & Compile is not valid anymore. –  Eriawan Kusumawardhono Feb 7 '14 at 2:28

There is a maven plugin called maven-wadl-plugin by the jersey folks that does the trick.

Check the answers in this other question: WADL Generation Tool .


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