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I'm writing an API; in this API, I have a FruitBasket model which has Fruits. A particular Fruit may belong to more than one FruitBasket at a time. FruitBasket and Fruit are both ActiveRecord objects.

If someone performs a GET on /fruit/100/baskets, I want to provide a JSON list of baskets which have that fruit, in the form of basket IDs. If there's only one basket, I want to redirect to /basket/x, where x is the id of the basket. Something like this:

class FruitsController < ApplicationController
  respond_to :json

  def baskets
    @baskets = Fruit.find(params[:id]).baskets
    if baskets.size == 1
      # What goes here?
      respond_with @baskets

What do I put in my routes and the FruitsController to pull this off?

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I'm not sure you really want to redirect them over there, but if you must:

if @baskets.size == 1
  redirect_to @baskets.first      

However, would expect an API to simple return an array of Baskets, and if there was only one basket, then it would be an array with one item.

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