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Is there an XML formatter available as an add-in for Visual Studio 2010? I am currently using Notepad++ and using the XML Tools plug-in to get the formatting sorted.

Is there an add-in for VS2010, which will do something similar?

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Simply press Ctrl+E,D or use the following command from the menu:

Edit -> Advanced -> Format Document

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That was easy. Thanks. – abhi Sep 17 '10 at 13:51

In my version of VS 2010 it's Ctrl+K,D


Edit -> Format Document

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Personally these days I couldn't survive without

  1. "Align Attributes each on a separate line"

Found in standard VS options :

        Tools > Options > XML > Formatting
  1. The fantastic XAML Regions Extension

Which also works for straight XML, adding the ability to create collapsible regions similar to the following (in c#) :


public void SomeMethod()

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