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$variable = 'one, two, three';

How can I replace the commas between words with <br>?

$variable should become:

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Either use str_replace:

$variable = str_replace(", ", "<br>", $variable);

or, if you want to do other things with the elements in between, explode() and implode():

$variable_exploded = explode(", ", $variable);
$variable_imploded = implode("<br>", $variable_exploded);
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$variable = str_replace(", ","<br>\n",$variable);

Should do the trick.

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$variable = explode(', ',$variable);
$variable = implode("<br/>\n",$variable);

You can then just echo $variable

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this is pretty expensive.. –  Petrogad Sep 17 '10 at 13:44

You can do:

$variable = str_replace(', ',"<br>\n",$variable);
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$variable = preg_replace('/\s*,\s*/', "<br>\n", $variable);

This takes you into regex land but this will handle cases of random spacing between commas, e.g.

$variable = 'one,two, three';


$variable = 'one , two, three';
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