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Im using Solr1.4 , with dismax SearchHandler , I'm new to solr ;), it seems not supporting lucene syntax , it does not even match lowercase uppercase terms ( if you know how to do this it will be helpfull ).

I want to try the edismax, (Extended Dismax) with solr 1.4 or 1.4.1 , I found it in solr 4.0 dev version, there is not a lot of documentation about it .

I'm using solr with windows server.

Is it possible to patch my current version to use edismax? what about edismax configuration, does it use the same params as the standard dismax?

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Since edismax is an experimental, not-yet-finished feature, you'll have to get the Lucene/Solr source code, and build it.

Again because this is not released, your only documentation are the JIRA comments and source code.

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