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i'm new to ubuntu and wanna choose my php/javascript IDE. there is two options for download:

Standalone Version


Eclipse Plug-in Version

the performance and not being too hight-weight is important to me.

which one shall i download?

what's the benefit of downloading it as a Eclipse plugin? does it help me to use it beside PDT or it's not recommended to do so?

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The benefit of downloading it as a plugin is that you can integrate it with your existing eclipse install. If you already have a lot of other plugins installed, that might be useful to you.

If you want Eclipse to be as fast as possible you should just download a very basic version of Eclipse and only install the parts of Aptana that you really need. Instead of everything. Aptana usually comes with too much bloat for my taste, I always disable quite a bit in the General -> Startup and Shutdown section.

If you just need PDT than installing Aptana is probably your easiest way. If you also want to install cDT or something than installing a regular Eclipse package might be easier. If you want it fast, you'll have to disable some plugins either way. Aptana installs more than it needs by default.

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I would recommend Netbeans which supports php and symfony.

You should use the aptana plugin if you actually have eclipse. The standalone version is eclipse tunned by the aptana people.

Good luck.

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