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I have a service with 1000 users and everyone has tweeted around 1000 times each. So the total amount of tweets from my service is around 1 000 000. And this number is increasing all the time.

My question is, how can I get and check the amount of retweets for each tweet without having my service crashing all the time because of "Cron Job Exceptions" from GAE?

My problem is that I need to update the amount of retweets for all tweets every minute if possible?

My service is running on Google App Engine (Java).

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I don't know what a "cron job exception" is, except that I guess you're talking about your jobs taking too long? For that, you should utilize the Task Queue API to split up your work and execute it in parallel.

There's no way your Twitter API key is going to have enough quota for updating a million tweets every minute, though, and that would put a huge load on your app, too. Instead, you'd be better off just updating the figures when someone views their tweets, and only if it's been a reasonable interval since you last updated them.

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