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XElement config = XElement.Parse (
@"<Response SessionId='426D9AEB1F684849A16D79A6CF48582B' xmlns='http://schemas.tmaresources.com/timssws60.xsd'>
<Status Success='true' Message='Connected' ErrorCode='0' />

XElement response = config.Element("Response");

sessionID = (string)response.Attribute("SessionId");`

why is response null in this case? how can I get the attribute value SessionId?

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Your config variable contains the <Response> element itself.
Calling config.Element("Response") will try to get a <Response> element inside the <Response> element.
Since there isn't any, it returns null.

Change it to

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Thanks! Works great!! –  kalls Sep 17 '10 at 14:38

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