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Is there a simple way of telling Devise to send all email via delayed_job?

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Alternatively, instead of using the Delayed::Mailer gem, you can quite easily implement and use your own ActionMailer "delivery method", one that...

  1. intercepts mail delivery from ActionMailer
  2. stores the email in a table (optional)
  3. creates a Delayed::Job that references the stored email
  4. delivers the stored email when the delayed job is executed

Do something along the lines of:

# in config/application.rb
ActionMailer::Base.add_delivery_method :queued, Mail::QueuedDelivery

# in config/environment.rb (or one of the config/environments/*.rb files)
config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :queued # ie. Mail::QueuedDelivery

# in lib/mail/queued_delivery.rb
module Mail
  class QueuedDelivery

    def initialize(values = {})
      # (optional)

    def deliver!(mail)
      email = Email.create!(:delivery_handler => mail.delivery_handler.name, :message => mail.to_s)
      Delayed::Job.enqueue Jobs::Email::DeliverEmail.new(email.id)

  end # class QueueDelivery
end # module Mail

The Delayed::Job you need to implement would then...

  1. retrieve the stored email from the database -- email = ::Email.find_by_id(email_id)
  2. deliver the email via the mail gem -- Mail::Message.new(email.message).deliver

That's it... hope this help!

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I have no idea what Devise is but I guess it is third-party gem you don't want to modify. Try delayed_job_mailer. You can extend Devise mailers by monkey patching them to use delayed_job.

class SomeExistingMailer
  include Delayed::Mailer

or if you want to send all app emails via delayed job by default:

# config/initializers/delayed_mailer.rb
class ActionMailer::Base
  include Delayed::Mailer
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Did this end up working? I'm looking for the same solution –  AnApprentice Nov 8 '10 at 16:51
I tried your 2nd suggestion which would be amazing if it worked, but got an error "/Users/bhellman/Sites/cline/config/initializers/delayed_mailer.rb:3: uninitialized constant Delayed::Mailer (NameError)" –  AnApprentice Nov 8 '10 at 16:52
This seems to me that Delayed mailer gem wasn't loaded. Did you specified it in Gemfile, eventually require it in environment.rb –  gertas Nov 9 '10 at 9:56

I found that none of the above worked for me. I'm using Devise 2.0.4 and Rails 3.2.2 with delayed_job_active_record 0.3.2

The way devise actually talks about doing something like this in the comments in the code is to override the methods in the User class. Thus, I solved it like so, and it works perfectly:


def send_on_create_confirmation_instructions
def send_reset_password_instructions
def send_unlock_instructions
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