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Is it possible to create an input field that sets the default input character set to numbers on a mobile phone?
For example to make it easier type in a telephone number into a HTML form.

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It is possible to limit entry on a "mobile phone" The mobile phone form entry uses


input here can be limited using format="*N"

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Doesn't seem to work here :( codepen.io/leongaban/pen/hbHsk –  Leon Gaban Aug 1 '13 at 15:50

To make inputing numbers easier, use <input type="number">. To make entering phone numbers easier, use <input type="tel">. Not all phone will support them, but the iPhone at least will give you a numeric keypad by default instead of the normal keyboard. See the spec and Dive Into HTML5 for more information.

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Here's an example with Javascript. This will only allow numbers from the numpad/numbers on top of the keypad, and formatters (shift/backspace/etc). You may also consider adding a setTimeout(), with a couple seconds timeout, for the onchange event to check in case someone pastes non numbers into the field as well as server side validation.



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So you can use either type="tel" or type="numbers".

The difference is that one tries to bring up your phone dial keyboard and other simply switches to the numbers input of your mobile keyboard.

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Thought that would work here: codepen.io/leongaban/pen/hbHsk however still stuck –  Leon Gaban Aug 1 '13 at 15:50

You can use <input type='tel'>. This is a new HTML5 feature. Older browsers will simply default to a text input field.

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