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Is it possible to convert a UIImage instance to a CMSampleBufferRef so that it can be appended to a specified output file using AVAssetWriter's appendSampleBuffer: method?

If so ... how?


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While I haven't really tried this one possibility is to create a CVPixelBuffer using CVPixelBufferCreateWithBytes, and pointing it to the raw pixels from the UIImage.

Once this is done, since CVPixelBuffers are just CVImageBuffers you can use CMSampleBufferCreateForImageBuffer to get a CMSampleBufferRef that you can then use the appendSampleBuffer method.

As I said previously I haven't ever tried this, but it looks plausible.

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This looks good, but I got stuck on the appendSampleBuffer: call, see my follow-up question: –  zoul Sep 20 '10 at 12:58

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