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I have a route that looks like this:

new { controller = "ControllerName", action = "PhotoGallery", slug = "photo-gallery", filtertype = UrlParameter.Optional, filtervalue = UrlParameter.Optional, sku = UrlParameter.Optional}

and I have a form that looks like this:

  <%using(Html.BeginForm("PhotoGallery", "ControllerName", FormMethod.Get)) {%>
  <%:Html.Hidden("filtertype", "1")%>
  <%:Html.DropDownList("filtervalue", ViewData["Designers"] as SelectList, "Photos by designer", new { onchange = "selectJump(this)" })%>

Right now when the form is submitted I get the form values appended to the url as query strings (?filtertype=1 etc) Is there a way to get this form to use routing to render the URL?

So the form would post a URL that looked like this:


and not like"



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If you only have some of the parameters present, Mvc will create a Query String type Url unless it finds an exact matching url.

Suggest you will need something like:

new Route("/{action}/{controller}/{slug}/{filtertype}/{filtervalue}",
new { controller = "ControllerName", action = "PhotoGallery", slug = "photo-gallery", filtertype = UrlParameter.Optional, filtervalue = UrlParameter.Optional}

make sure this is before your existing route

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Thanks for the reply! I ended up using the PRG pattern to get the effect I needed. My routing is to complicated and would not allow for such a general rule. –  Paul Sep 18 '10 at 15:31

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