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I have been testing for a web-application written in PHP and JavaScript, and I am looking for integration testing tools that can be well communicated with a continuous integration server, potentially phpUnderControl.

As an integration testing tool, I have used Selenium with Rspec which works just fine. This produces html file reports and very easy to write codes. But I am not sure if Selenium can communicate with CI and wondering if there is any integration testing tools that can communicate with a continuous integration server, like phpUnderControl, and work with other testing tools to enable automation testing.

I would very appreciate any kind of suggestions.

With Best Regards


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Selenium works with any testing framework as long as there is a library or you can roll your own with not much effort. There is PHPunit support for Selenium so won't take much to get your tests running.

If a CI server can run tests it can run Selenium and drive the browser for your tests.

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iMacros for Firefox with command line support is a very easy to use option.

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Selenium is a great idea. Stick with it. An example with CruiseControl.Net is here.

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