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I am trying to run an update statement as follows...

UPDATE tblDeductionSystem 
   SET [ORDER] = [0RDER] + 6 
 WHERE [ORDER] >= 7 
   AND ScoringCriteriaTypeID = @CheerDeductionScoreSheetID

Sql Server if giving me invalid column name ORDER. I thought if I delimited the reserved word with the square brackets this would work.

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What is [0RDER]? Is it yet another column? See this zero in there? 0 vs. O. Perhaps you need to change the font of your favorite sql editor.

On a side note, you see it just so happens that 0 and O are close together on QWERTY keyboards and you have to be careful not to hit 0 instead of O. Some l33t ppl actually prefer 0 to Os.

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Yep... i missed the zero. Thanks –  Brian Sep 17 '10 at 21:56

If you copied that directly, your error is having a 0 (zero) instead of an O (the letter) on your [0rder]+6

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And notice the code colorization of stackoverflow made the color different, a big hint. –  ErikE Sep 18 '10 at 6:45

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