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Hi I am trying to retrieve data from the child data of a tag from my ajax script. this works with javascript

coursename = xmlDocument.getElementsByTagName("sitelist");
name = coursename[3] 

Can somebody help me with performing this using jQuery please? I thought this would work but it doesn't.

name = $("coursename", xml).text()

Any help or pointers would be great, thanks.

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is the jQuery selector for that. You might want to use jQuerys .data() method as well to store something to that node.

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Woudln't it be eq(3), since it's coursename[3] in the original? – Peter Ajtai Sep 18 '10 at 2:02
name = $("sitelist", xmlDocument).eq(3).children(":first").text();

The above uses:

  • jQuery context to choose all sitelist tags within xmlDocument
  • .eq() to reduce the set of sitelists to only the 4th one (index of 3)
  • .children() to find all the direct children of the 4th sitelist
  • :first selector to only pick the first child.
  • .text() to retrieve the text in that node
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