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I have an object that I want to start as hidden. I have tried to use each one of these styles one at a time. I have them in a class, not as inline styles.




Now, these both worked obviously, the objects load hidden. The issue is that when I use these, the JQuery .fadeIn() function doesn't work. In fact, when I set the opacity to .5 (50), the fade in only fades in to .5 (50).

So what can I default the object to that will allow the .fadeIn() function to work?


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If you only use display:none the fadeIn() should work. Here's an example: – user113716 Sep 18 '10 at 0:44
Are you sure you're not trying to fadeIn a child of the element you attach those styles to? – Yi Jiang Sep 18 '10 at 0:47
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Hi is code with working version




$(document).ready(function() {
 $('p').fadeTo('slow', 1, function() {
      // Animation complete.



live demo

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thanks very much sir – Nate Oct 23 '10 at 6:48
Depending on your layout, you may not want to start with display:none;, and luckily this seems to work without it. – Doug Kavendek Jun 22 '12 at 19:51

you may use below written or just add your code at the bottom of page


      <div class="fadeInOnLoad">iam visible after page is loaded</div>

           // your fade in code, call it after dom is ready

i think your problem is

  • you are calling fade in before the dom elements are created in browser

  • or using jQuery , visual studio version, as i remember there was some bug in jQuery's opacity thing in visual studio version

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