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Is it possible to set up start and end comments for disabling simian in an Ant task? I've seen various forums talking about a command line option to disable simian for certain blocks of code using comments and I have tried this in the Ant task doing something like this:

<simian ignoreBlocks="simian-start:simian-stop" .... />

And then in the Java code, I have done the following


However, the duplication is still detected between the bit of code between the comments above and the other class that has the same bit of code.

I also tried it the other way around just in case I have the ordering of the ignoreBlocks mixed up:

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I've got it working just like you described. I am using simian 2.2.24. The command line call

java -jar ~/tmp/simian-2.2.24/simian-2.2.24.jar -ignoreBlocks="simian-off:simian-on" test.java

does not find code like this:


Setting the ignoreBlocks attribute in the ant task the same way

<simian language="java" ignoreBlocks="simian-off:simian-on">

also does not find the code.


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At first I didn't notice why yours would have worked yet mine didn't. Then I paid closer attention and noticed that the OFF has to come before the ON. My silly mistake. Thanks! –  digiarnie Nov 30 '10 at 2:58
Just an extra note. I started a new project and got the same issue again. It turns out when I put // simian:off <some code> // simian:on it still didn't ignore that block but I had to actually remove the space between the // and the simian part(!!) - just an extra hint just in case someone runs into the problem. –  digiarnie Jun 8 '11 at 0:49

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