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Is there any way to launch Visual Studio 2010 with a new document instead of the usual start tab?

I'm just curious--I usually use Notepad++ to jot down quick things, but Visual Studio seems like it would be preferable.

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Hai guise what's going on in here? –  Will Sep 20 '10 at 12:24

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Here are your choices.

Curious, though, as to why you would want to open a full-fledged IDE just to take notes. That seems like precisely the kind of thing a notepad application is suited for...

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You can make a shortcut that always launches a specific file, e.g.:

  1. Put a document called "notes.txt" on your desktop.
  2. Copy the Visual Studio 2010 shortcut to your desktop (to a new shortcut)
  3. Edit the shortcut properties (right click → properties → Shortcut tab → Target) to add this to the end of the Target:

/edit "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\notes.txt"

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