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I'm fairly fluent in C/C++ and ObjC languages and would like to venture into game programming. I've always sort of wanted to do this but never really had the time, but now I do and I'm ready to learn! My goal is to start out and make a simple 2D game on the iPhone (Doesn't have to be the iPhone but it's just a small platform i'm fairly comfortable with to use to learn) and then start learning more complex 3D stuff. The main things I definitely will need help learning is the overall structure of game programming as far as drawing loops and where game logic and stuff like that come into play (forgive me for butchering any terms here). I know OpenGL seems to be basically the standard in graphics programming but I've also heard that there is an extremely steep learning curve so I'd really like to learn this but I just hope I will be able to. Anyway, if anyone could drop suggestions of places i can go to basically start from the beginning and learn my way up, I'd be very appreciative! Thanks!

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OpenGL is a 3D graphics library, not really 2D. To do anything with 3D graphics, you have to have a grasp of linear algebra, so starting with 2D probably will be easier :)

The Java 2D graphics libraries are pretty simple, and will probably run on any platform Java itself will. There are lots of tutorials and plenty of documentation out there. Just google "Java graphics" and browse; there's no One Best Site or anything.

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opengl works just fine for drawing in 2D as well. Just use an orthogonal projection (or not, if you want a 2.5D kinda thing). While it's probably overkill for basic 2D drawing, it is nice because it's easier to do nice effects which typically run faster as well. –  jay.lee Sep 18 '10 at 3:02

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