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I want to know how many people have searched for a specific term in a specific period of time (say, 1pm-2pm on September 14, 2010). Is there a google API that can return this data?

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I don't think Google offers anything like that, I think the closest they offer is Google Zeitgeist, specifically Insights for Search

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There is no such thing offered by Google. But I have written an application (in C#) that was doing that recently like this:

(1) Call the Insights For Search Website by creating a valid query in your program. Example (Checking how often have the terms "Apple" and "Sausage" been looked up within the last month): "http://www.google.com/insights/search/?hl=de#q=Apple%*2CSausage*&date=today%201-m&cmpt=q"

You will have to investigate a little how the queries are created depending on search terms, criteria and type.

(2) After loading is done parse the inner HTML code for the time series data. Look for the keyword "INTERVAL%3D"

(3) Adapt the time axis data. I think it is the amount of seconds elapsed since 1.1.1970.

It is a workaround but like this you neither have to download a CSV file nor log in to an account. I have not been testing yet if there is a (daily) limit for queries, though.

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