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I am using JW Player in my application. I want to know which function is triggered when the play button is clicked in the JW Player.

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What are you trying to do? What version of JWPlayer?

You can simulate a "Play" click in JWPlayer 4 by doing this:


Otherwise if you want to do something when the video is played you need to listen for the event.

var player = null;
function playerReady(thePlayer) {
 player = document.getElementById(;

function addListeners() {
 if (player) { 
  player.addModelListener("STATE", "stateListener");
 } else {
function stateListener(obj) { //IDLE, BUFFERING, PLAYING, PAUSED, COMPLETED
 currentState = obj.newstate; 
 previousState = obj.oldstate; 

 var tmp = document.getElementById("stat");
 if (tmp) { 
  tmp.innerHTML = "current state: " + currentState + 
  "<br>previous state: " + previousState; 

 if ((currentState == "COMPLETED")&&(previousState == "PLAYING")) {
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Thanks it helped me a lot. – Pranesh Nair Oct 8 '10 at 13:24

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