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I am using http remoting in C# to talk between two applications. Earlier when I was running both applications on a single machine/two machines, it was very slow. We have a proxy server to connect to the internet. We set "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" in IE and now when I run both applications on one machine the communication is happening quite fast. (by a factor of 10 nearly)

But if I run each application on a different machine then it is still slow, like it was the case before setting the "Bypass proxy server..."

Any insight will be helpful.

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What sort of data are you sending, and at what rate? And are you using lots of calls to remote (MarshalByRefObject) objects?

In reality, it is hard to fully control the data with remoting. Personally, I would recommend something message-based, for example WCF. This makes the interfaces between systems much more explicit and predictable.

If the proxy is being a pinch-point, you can still bypass this for remote addresses via proxycfg.exe

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There aren't a lot of remote calls, as feared. A single remote call takes 10 secs on different machines while it takes only 350ms when on a single machine.

when I run proxycfg.exe, it shows "Direct Access (no proxy server)"

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