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Well my requirement is :

Need to develop a custom workflow,the workflow should take properties like site url, list names etc., From the client.

I am able to develop the workflow, but i need to make it available in designer. I tried the method mentioned here:


1)I have created the required action file. 2)deployed(copy-pasted) dll into gac. 3)made safe-control and authorized type entries in web.config of the corresponding web application(on which my site collection exists)

But it is not helping me out.after following the steps given,when i try to open any workflow in designer,it gives an error saying it cannot find an action(assembly) with xyz name.

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If I understand correctly, you built an entire workflow and am trying to make it available to SharePoint Designer. The guide you are following deals with custom "Actions". Actions are a sub part of a workflow. This may explain why your deployment isn't working, because you're trying to deploy a workflow as an action. If you could provide more information about your steps, we could try and figure it out.




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