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I have SP called "GetDUPRecords" and this SP will perform some operations and returns 3 result sets.

First Result Set: will get More records, basically need to display in SSRS Report. Second Result Set: will give one row on doing some operations on Result set 1. Third Result Set: will give one row on doing some operations on Result set 1.

SO When i am creating Data Set in SSRS report to use this SP it is considering only First Result set it is not creating or selecting another 2 result sets.

There is a bad solution i have i.e. create 3 individual SP's for each result set but i think this is not optimistic because 3 sp's contains same code up to Resultset1.

Please suggest me how to use that Multiple result Sp in SSRS report.

Thanks in advance...

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Why community wiki? And possible duplicate of How to use Multiple result sets in Reporting Services –  gbn Sep 18 '10 at 10:58

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SSRS does not support multiple datasets per call.

Another way, it can only process one resultset per call.

It was also raised on MS Connect

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