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I'm using opencsv and want to write a csv file through multiple seasons. However every time I start a new CSVWriter the old file gets erased. Can I somehow change the behavior of the CSVWriter to write at the end of the file instead of replacing the file?

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It seems that there's an option in the filewriter instead of the CSVWriter to append at the end of the file. That makes the working code:

mFileWriter = new FileWriter(file_path, true);
mCsvWriter = new CSVWriter(mFileWriter);
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It doesn't seem possible to append to a file in opencsv (from an initial look, it looks rather simple), but if you're not restricted to opencsv you can try JExcel. To append to a file in JExcel you essentially need to create a copy then work off that, and overwrite the original. That could be similar in OpenCSV.

Edit: It seems like your only real option is to try out JExcel or read the entire file into a list, append to it, and write that out. If this is too heavy on memory, keep the stream open, read in chunks, write out chunks, then write out your appended chunk.

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It should be possible:

FileWriter w = new FileWriter("yourfile.csv")
CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(w, '\t');
CSVWriter writer2 = new CSVWriter(w, '\t');

The CSV tool from the H2 database (disclaimer: I wrote it) also supports this.

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