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I need to import a huge csv data file (6880 columns) and I need to be able use the column headers to access it.

What's the best way?

Speed isn't important. Clarity is.

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FasterCSV (also available as CSV in Ruby 1.9 standard library) should be able to do the trick. You can use column headers to access a row's data:

require 'fastercsv'
FasterCSV.foreach(csv_file, {:headers => true, :return_headers => false, :header_converters => :symbol, :converters => :all} ) do |row|
    puts row[:some_column_header] # Would be "Some Column Header" in the csv file.
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Does FasterCSV automatically use the first row as headers? –  E.E.33 Oct 18 '12 at 15:36

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