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I'm struggling to put together a solution that allows security through smartcards.

My clients will have a card reader and a card to identify them in the system(Web Application).

I need to setup an activeX control that will read the card, extract the information I need and send it to the web server.

It's my first time working with smartcards, digital certificates, activeX, ssl and https. As expected my time frame is quite short and I'm the first in my company to work with these items.

I've managed to work with de ssl and HTTPS, smartcards ok, digital certificates ok, activex x also ok.

What I am now facing is this challenge to use my activeX to read the extra information I need from the smartcard.

Can anyone help me out? I would appreciate some insights for this challenge, some links worth reading and if possible some examples.

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I have found this article, it helps a bit:

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